Rescheduled Joint Meeting

There will be a special joint meeting between the Blaine County Commissioners and the Carey City Council on Monday, November 29 at 7:00 p.m. at Carey City Hall. Mike Stevens will be providing an update on the Pioneers Alliance. Below is the full agenda for the meeting:

• County Weeds Update – John Cenarrusa, Blaine County Weeds Department Manager
• County Roads Update – Char Nelson, Blaine County Operations Manager
• General Update – JoLynn Drage, Blaine County Clerk
• County Fair Board Update – Kyle Green, Blaine County Fair Board Chairman
• Land, Water and Wildlife Program – Jeff Adams, Blaine County Regional Planner
• Replacement Airport Project Update – Rick Baird, Friedman Memorial Airport Manager
• Pioneers Alliance Update – Mike Stevens, Lava Lake Land and Livestock President
• Carey Area Economic Development Activities Update
• Carey Area Recycling
• Other


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